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ESTP.RU – is the only Russian specialized construction electronic trade platform that provides information on more than 400 000 procurements in the construction industry with the total sum of more than $ 30 billion and 170 000 construction companies operating in Russia, as well as provides the opportunity to suppliers of construction products to locate information about their products and sell it effectively.

Maximum specialized concentration of demand and supply on the ESTP.RU significantly reduces costs and allows searching partners in every region of the Russian Federation in optimal period.

Customer service of the ESTP.RU guarantees quick search of any kinds of goods and services required by a client and helps in preparation of documentation for a transaction.

ESTP.RU holds all sorts of electronic trading in the construction industry, and a company which has received an order can quickly find partners to implement a contract, as well as get all the information on available construction materials required to fulfill a contract.

The quality level of construction materials and pricing policy offered by Chinese manufacturers show high potential for Chinese construction materials on the Russian market, which is confirmed by analytical studies conducted among Russian companies.