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Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

Modern China demonstrates impressive achievements of its technologies and industry to the whole world and is becoming an economic power number one.

According to the opinion of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, Russian-Chinese relations are becoming an essential factor of the global economy which play an increasingly prominent role in all the processes occurring in the world.

Russia strengthens and expands its cooperation with China, particularly in the construction industry, because Russian construction market is constantly growing and makes up more than $ 170 billion per year.

An important goal for development of the Russian-Chinese relations is access to information about Chinese suppliers and their products.

Despite continuous development of the Russian-Chinese relations and high demand on the side of Russian buyers, today in Russia there is no available information on suppliers from China. Those information resources established and successfully operating in China, such as Alibaba, are not known by Russian companies and are difficult to be used due to the language barrier.

To solve this problem the Russian information system - ESTP.RU created an opportunity to ensure comfortable operation and interaction of Chinese and Russian companies. ESTP.RU has concentrated in itself all the Russian construction market, showing itself as a demanded and convenient system that provides information about suppliers of construction materials and equipment to companies performing construction works. There is also information about all procurement in the construction industry taking place in Russia.

ESTP.RU – allows construction companies and suppliers to sign contracts and find partners in one place and be sure in transparency of deals.

I hope that the product we have created will be useful for you and ensure stable development of your company!

Best regards,
Chairman of the Board
United construction tender platform
I.I. Konstantinov